About Me

Girlfriends have told me a couple of positive things over the years: “you write like a 3rd grader”, “you never remember what I tell you”, and of course “why do you always think of things so logically!”. While the first item cut deep and the second was factually untrue, it was the third one that I thought was the most interesting – after all why NOT think logically?! However, since this didn’t seem to appease anyone, I decided to start this blog in order to get all the logical thoughts out and allow my irrational and emotional side to shine through the rest of the time…

So in between cramming for medical school exams, writing a long overdue thesis in biomedical engineering, and skiing, I try to find a few minutes here and there to publish my “logical” thoughts on medicine, physics, and mathematics – may they prove interesting!

– Tristan Jones